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Lara help me in very difficult legal translations! Great job, good price definitely I m going to use it again.


Dr Luca Mocenni, Financial Consultant, Intral d.o.o.

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Expert Translation Services

Your Trusted Partner for Linguistic Solutions

Welcome to International Language Experts, your premier destination for general and technical translation services in London, UK. Our team of experienced translators is dedicated to providing accurate and culturally appropriate translations for all your business needs. Whether you require document translation, or website localisation, we have the expertise to deliver high-quality results. With a commitment to excellence and professionalism, we strive to exceed your expectations and ensure seamless communication across languages.

Expert Interpreting Services 

Providing Top-Quality Language Interpretation Solutions

At International Language Experts, we offer a range of professional interpreting services to cater to your diverse language needs. Our services include Consecutive Interpreting, Simultaneous Interpreting, Whispering Interpreting ,Online Interpreting, and top-of-the-line Interpreting Equipment. With our experienced interpreters and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure seamless communication in any language, enhancing your business meetings, conferences, and events.


"I've worked with Lara and her team for a few years and always find her team to be responsive, quick, professional and accurate. They've done some extensive and complicated translation work for us- and we're always very pleased with the quality we receive from them. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for translation!"

Justine May, Digital Professional learning & Development

“We were struggling with new ideas for providing engagement opportunities to our associates; programs that were fun, meaningful with a team building element.  We socialized the idea of foreign language classes with Lara. Lara was able to design a bespoke program for our various groups that were very much enjoyed by all who attended.  Not only did they learn the basics on multiple language, the associates learned how to learn as individuals and as a team. Due the Lara’s help, we were able to increase our associate engagement with the belief that it will lead to better retention and overall team collaboration”

Tom Rivard, Global Mobility, Abercrombie & Fitch

Lara help me in very difficult legal translations! Great job, good price definitely I m going to use it again.

Dr Luca Mocenni, Financial Consultant, Intral d.o.o.

"I'm married to a beautiful Italian woman, and we suddenly had the opportunity to relocate in Italy. My understanding of Italian was okay, but I struggled when speaking, especially during family gatherings.
 I took online lessons with Lara and she help me by delivering a course designed for me, focusing on lots of speaking and grammar activities to improve my accuracy. 
We now live in Italy and the lessons helped me prepare for such a big change by gaining confidence when speaking. Thank you Lara!" 

Colin Grey, Analyst

Expert Translation and Interpretation Services

At International Language Experts, we offer top-notch translation and interpretation services to help you communicate across languages effectively. Our skilled team of professionals ensures accurate and reliable translations for all your needs. Book your free consultation now to discuss how we can assist you with your language requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Translation

How long does it take to translate a document?

Typically, our translators translate between 1,200 to 1,400 new words per day, That’s about 4-5 pages.

A standard A4 page has around 300 words. This is with standard size font – similar to Times New Roman 12 pt or Arial 12pt and single spacing.

You should be careful as some contracts can have up to 800 words in the fine print. So, we have to look at the text, the format and the content. Legal translation would be slower than general business text for example.

Based on having a single translator working on a project, turnaround time can be estimated as follows: (total number of words / 1,200) + 2 days for project management and proofreading. Translation is normally faster than this, but this is a very good general guide for planning.

How do you price translation projects?

We price on a per word basis with factors based on language, complexity and urgency and offer competitive pricing for all translation projects.

We store all your translations so we can deliver consistent translation results for all your projects, economically and on time.

Why do I need proofreading?

Proofreading is a key part of the quality process. When a translator works on a project, it is only human that errors may occur. As part of our internal quality process, we employ a second person, who is a professional translator and proof-reader, to review all your translated text for quality. This additional quality gate allows us to:

a) verify the quality and interpretation of the translation so that it is correct

b) check the style of the translation to ensure that it matches all your other documentation. Proofing always has to be done by a second person to get a single overall quality picture of your documents.

What is DTP?

DTP stands for desktop publishing translation. Basically, formatting the layout of the translated document in order to graphically match the original document. For brochures, presentations, marketing materials and other documents that require special formatting, DTP is a must.

Why do I need DTP?

This is a common query. All languages have different styles and constructs, so what you can say in 5 words in English might take only 2 words in German but up to 10 in French. German sentences can be up to 30% longer than their English equivalents. This can mean that after your document has been translated its layout may have changed. Your designed layout text may overflow onto a new paragraph or page, which can result in the document having to be reworked before you can print it.

We recommend that when clients create original documentation, they should leave at least 20% white space around all text to ensure ease of translation.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Interpretation

In which contexts does interpretation bring the most value? 

At multilingual events, corporate meetings, conferences. Interpretation allows speakers to communicate successfully during international events, congresses, conferences; traditionally the so called “conference interpretation” has predominantly – almost exclusively been on-site. Nowadays, the shift towards virtual and hybrid meetings has made interpreting services more accessible than ever, as they are increasingly used to make communication easier and more effective for virtual or hybrid town-halls, training sessions, internal meetings and workshops. 

What is simultaneous interpretation? 

Interpretation is simultaneous when it is performed while the speaker is speaking. This is by far the most widespread interpreting mode, as it allows immediate communication in one or more languages.

In this interpreting setting, the participants to the meeting can communicate as if they all could speak the same language, while the message of the speaker is instantly conveyed into the target language(s).

Specific technical equipment - booths, headphones, portable tour-guide systems - or technology are required for in-person, hybrid, or remote simultaneous interpretation. 

What is consecutive interpretation? 

Consecutive interpretation is performed after the speaker has finished speaking; speaker and interpreter take turns speaking in the source and target language respectively.

Consecutive interpretation is used less frequently than simultaneous, mainly for highly interactive meetings, short presentations, visits of delegations or audits. The duration of the meeting almost doubles and the flow of the speech is interrupted by the interpretation, which makes this interpretation mode suitable only in specific settings.

No specific equipment or technology is required. 

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